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Telcell wi fi down today?

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I'm at TelCel now, as I write.

The story is: the tower serving San Antonio was vandalized. Thieves took parts of the antennae. Why is anyone's guess--maybe ComputerGuy can tell us. 

The replacement parts have been ordered and they will be installed in 1 to 2 weeks time.

Hope this helps.

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Couldn't say for sure, but there are batteries and copper in them thar towers, stuff they can get good scrap prices for. Some years back, thieves took all the copper wiring from the telephone grid out in Vista del Lago.

Ordering replacement parts that take a month or more to arrive... that's a helluva way to run a railroad.

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1 hour ago, court0503 said:

Does this explain the poor Tercel cell phone connections for the past 4-5 days as well?

One and the same. One cannot  provide cellular of any kind to an area IF the cell tower has been destroyed. Since it takes several towers to provide service to "Lakeside", one tower does not take all down.... others continue to work at least in some capacity. So the disabled tower in SAT probably would not affect Ajijic west or San Juan Cosala or.....

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