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Medicare B Provider in Houston

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16 hours ago, Paco Loco said:

I know that. I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical service provider in Houston that someone who lives here and travels to Texas to use it can reference.

Seems pretty clear what the OP is looking for. I am from Houston but don't use Medicare Part B. I'll ask friends that may have a recommendation.

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2 hours ago, Paco Loco said:

Florida Dude...I live in Ajijic and  have  Medicare Part B via a California HMO. I think we all know that Medicare B service is available only in the US by US providers. I’m simply looking for a reference to a part B network in Houston. 

Not at all to be argumentative but merely to help you find what you seemingly are looking for..... a doctor or facility in Houston that will accept your Part B Medicare coverages as does your California HMO insurance network of docs, clinics etc.... but you are using terms that are conflicting. For example, there is no such thing as a "Part B Network". Part B is a coverage spelled out by Medicare and a 'network' is a term used by insurance companies, usually HMOs, to spell out who you may or may not use to acquire these Part B coverages in their area.

You are probably looking because your California HMO has no network that reaches out of state and thus into Houston where it appears that you would like to have 'service'. Since you have an HMO you probably have a Medicare Advantage insurance policy there, since as far as I know no Original Medicare Medigap insurance companies operate as an HMO. 

So unless I'm missing something what you probably need in Houston, with you living in Ajijic is:  An insurance company that will sell you an Original Medicare Medigap policy AND a doctor/facilitiy who will accept that insurance to cover your Part B needs (as well as any Part A needs like a hospital). Assuming that your California HMO is actually a Medicare Advantage policy, you would have to cancel that policy... as one cannot have two coverages... and purchase a Gap policy usable in Houston. Then find a doc that is accepting new Medicare patients. 

FYI, the Cigna Healthspring policy mentioned above by 'chief' is a Medicare Advantage policy. He lives in Texas and thus is eligible. You living in Ajijic may not be able to acquire a Medicare Advantage policy as they require one to live and get service in a very specific locale.





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On 5/16/2019 at 5:07 PM, Paco Loco said:

I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical services provider in Houston. 

I lived in Houston for years but traffic has gotten so bad I don't spend time there any more.  I do fly to San Antonio for health care and find it much easier to get around in. I think the Voalris fare is $120. San Antonio has most of it's medical in a tight little area easy to get to.

For my GP I have been using Dr Juan Gonzalas who accepts my part B medicare from Tennessee Farm Bureau.  amoss@centerforinternalmedicine.com  1-210-200-8798,  8265 Fredricksburg Rd,
San Antonio TX 78229
  I do tell the office I am flying in for my appointment so they don't change me around or re-appoint. He has no problem giving you any notes or test he runs before you leave as is the custom here. I do take my labs from here and radiology reports to him.

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