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Need advice to help a horse being treated with cruelty

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" Mexican friends, they tell me 'it's the culture'...." That does not make it right, it is "the culture" in Muslim countries to stone a woman to death because she has been raped, doesn't make it right. This situation needs to be reported and dealt with, the animal abuse laws in Jalisco have gotten stronger over the years. Please call the number and get some help for this animal.

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13 hours ago, chapala45900 said:

A horse is tied on a short rope, no water and cannot move  very far...seems stressed. Where can one call to get it the help it needs?  

Thank you!

When we worked horses they were were only watered twice a day morning and evening and infrequently at mid-day. A horse will need about 5-6 gallons two times a day. Yes, Mexicans and many others around the world do not treat animals as we would. But remember that a horse is a large investment for a young man and he will not deliberately dangerously jeopardize his investment. Many cultures live closer to their animals than we do and retain more working knowledge than many of us.  Many an equine has had to be destroyed because of well intentioned intervention by people who know little more than their feelings. Use caution water if you want but NO feed or greens.

The short rope is to teach a horse to stand and keep it's nose off the ground. We do not always like the local training methods but we admire the results. The locals wind up with well broke, traffic safe horses.

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It is common practice to tie a horse's head to keep it from being able to reach down to eat or drink. It is also a safety measure, as a horse cannot buck or kick with its head held high.

Please, do not interfere, if that is your only concern.

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Thanks for advice...we will attempt to have Pepe or another qualified  person check out this thin horse, left without water for more than a day often!

Not meaning to meddle, but are just concerned.   Using our property for the horse without permission, neighbors stopping to think we are doing this abuse prompted stepping up to get help.  The horse can disturb sleep in our area too.  Yes, we do bring water ....



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If an animal is being abused it is absolutely necessary to "interfere". People around the world "interfere" and save the lives of animals all the time. Reporting this is not "interfering", interfering is when others tell you not to do anything about animal abuse and torture, which sometimes leading to painful deaths. This person asked for assistance not condemnation for caring.

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