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Just got an e-mail from "Netflix"

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... that my subscription couldn't  be renewed with the credit card information that they have on file. Which is kinda interesting because I don't have a Netflix subscription and never have. I deleted it. BE WARNED that this is a phishing scam looking for credit card information.


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Just woke up and I've got people crapping all over me already. Sheesh.

Okay  1) I rescued the e-mail from trash and put it back in my inbox   2) I made note of the address shown which is hd@cancellation-confirmation-ca.com   3) sent the e-mail to spam

Are ya'all happy now? And yes, I did copy the e-mail address exactly as shown and hope that it gets buried in bot junk mail.


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2) Yeah, definitely a spam address. I get so much of that kind of crap and then it will slow down for a while. It doesn't matter how many times you block them, they'll pop up under another address. Usually it's something like 3xkyTD.....and more mixed letter and numbers. Irritating as hell, and not much we can do.

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