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On 5/16/2019 at 11:37 AM, Tiny said:

And what is Teinda going to use when they stop using plastic bags? The topic is plastic bag ban.

Our tienda is using paper bags. Looks like we need to switch to paper bags for TP. Or bring your own. I do.

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I guess you need to make some sacrifices to save the planet,. To bad!  Get your neighbors and take your recyclable to a drop off point.  Freeze all your veggie and meat scraps and put them in the tras

The damp veggies at Walmart and Soriana will not stay in a paper bag. I bought heirloom tomatoes at the Tuesday market and forgot to take my reused Walmart bag so he bagged them in paper. I made it 6

Wow.  Some good suggestions here but it seems many posters here are not aware of the Mexican household lifestyle.  Bidets???  To keep from using toilet paper???  Are you people all aware that you CANN

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I have chatted with more Mexicans around town, mostly women who take care of the house.   Some had not yet thought of this issue but said it was a very good question.  Adriana at El Granero showed me a plastic bag that was made from corn, not plastic, which is truly biodegradable.  Great!  But can the company making them suddenly produce enough to satisfy the sudden spike in demand from most of the shops or homes in the whole state of Jalisco?  She said they were available online.  Another woman told me when she was a girl, everyone wrapped up their toilet tissue in newspaper.  But there aren't many newspapers left, and the ink itself is toxic, not to be recycled.  Large paper bags don't exist here.  Another vendor told me he thinks the whole thing is a scam.  A few years ago someone was putting out "biodegradable" plastic bags, but it turned out they were just thinner plastic that still never decays.  Not a solution!  Another vendor told me the cardboard carry out containers cost 10x as much as styrofoam, so that cost will be passed on to consumers.  I still don't see how they are going to box up an entire roast chicken with all the dripping sauce!

Most bathrooms, especially in MX, don't have room for a bidet, and someone thinks the govt. is going to subsidize this??  LOL!!  MX is a Low Government country, everyone is on their own.  Does bidet use apply to poop, sorry, I had to ask.  What do you use to dry off all that water from your bottom?  More tissue??  A $40 USD kitchen composter would cost around $900MXPesos.   That is a whole week of wages for a lot of people here, not a viable solution and I doubt those things are available here anyway.  And what would you do with your kitchen compost if you don't have a yard or garden in the first place?  Not a solution in MX.  

I eat a lot of yogurt which comes in containers that are very reusable but not recyclable.  I have saved mine to carry to El Granero to buy bulk food and store it at home, or to store veggies from the tianguis.  But I don't need more new containers so I put them out IFO my house on tianguis day with a sign from my maid saying in Spanish:  "These plastics are to be reused many times, please don't throw in the trash.  Think of the environment."  My neighbor snaps them up every week and used them for lunches for her husband and son, and they must throw them away because she always wants more.  I want to share them with everyone, they are very handy.

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