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Excellent meal, again, at Nissa's


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Heidi ordered the grilled chicken and vegetables, I had the Fettuccjne Alfredo with chicken. I started with their Shashimi. Everything was absolutely i credible. The chicken was moist and seasoned perfectly and, the fettuccine...let's just say I wanted to lick the plate! We also got a container of their cinnamon rolls to go. The best part is that Heidiis not crazy about cinnamon rolls!

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It's located at the west end of the little strip where "the anchor" restaurant is located. About 1 k west of Oxxo. Heidi and I have eaten there about a dozen times and I can't wait to go back. Kyle's right the owner, Carlos, is a great guy and I love that , with the open kitchen, you can watcb the CHEF prepare your meal!

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It's spelled Niisa's. (Nee-sahs). It looks funny on signage and menu - because the logo is in script. Looks like a "u" with an umlaut - see menus below. I had to ask the waiter how to pronounce it.

It is EXCELLENT. Limited menu (yay!) high quality food and prep, reasonable prices. After two breakfasts and two dinners I keep going back even though I don't live near it. I keep passing lots of inferior restaurants just to go there.

I THINK owners' name is Carlo. I THINK Closed on Mondays.  I THINK Open for breakfast and lunch only on Sundays. 

Try it!!!





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