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Fraud at Chapala Bancomer ATM's this morning

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I was at the ATM's at 8:40 this morning getting cash from my Schwab card to deposit back into my Bancomer account. There was a man huddled close to the middle ATM who never moved or completed any transaction while I was there, at least I heard no noise from his ATM. A woman was waiting along the window for him apparently as she didn't approach an ATM for use.  The right hand ATM was out of money when I tried $7500 so I went to the left hand one around this man and tried $7000, which it gave me. I then went around him again to deposit the $7000 into my account using the depositing ATM on the right. Shortly thereafter I got a fraud alert from Schwab that a duplicate of my card had been made and 5 different transactions had been attempted at Bancomer in the 3 minutes I had been there ranging from $264.47 US to $401.00 US, which when calculated with the ATM fee and today's rate, turn out to be even peso amounts from $7500 on down.  I have to assume that between them they had a card reader that produced a fake duplicate for them to use.

Fortunately Schwab's system recognized two cards from the same account being used simultaneously and shut the fraudulent debit card number down...which of course includes mine. Not a problem for me, I always preach to everyone coming here to have 2 or 3 backups so one isn't stuck waiting for a new card to arrive and I also live by that rule.

Just posting this to see if anyone else experienced fraud there early this morning. I'm also reporting it to the bank manager this afternoon to see if the ATM camera captured him or if he had covered the lens.

Follow up:  the bank manager was sympathetic to my report but as usual is powerless to do anything.  She told me to report it to Mexico City and the Ministerio Publico but since I had no loss, that effort would lead nowhere.  I just thought they might want to review their camera footage to see if they could spot the guy, but noooo.

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