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I have a termite issue in my home and called FuMiGa (Renee) and Termite Bugbusters, run by Renee’s cousin Christian (Chris). Apparently, Renee and Christian were partners at one point, but had a parting of ways about 4-5 years ago. Price-wise, Renee is significantly higher (2x to 3x range) than Christian. I’ve searched this web board and found several recommendations for Renee, but so far nothing for Termite Bugbusters/Christian. I’ve also talked to friends who’ve said they used FuMiGa/Renee and have had no return of termites after 7 years.

1.       Has anyone used Termite Bugbusters/Christian for termite extermination and had solid results? i.e., no termites for several years after treatment?

2.       Any idea why such a price difference between the two companies?

3.       Anyone else you might recommend I call?

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