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U.S.Passport Renewal U.S. Dollar Amount

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I went to LCS to pick up information on renewing my U.S.passport.   I know I have to call LCS 2 days before the representatives from the consulate arrive to get the peso exchange rate and then go to the bank in Chapala for a check, etc.  My question is:   how much in U.S. dollars do I have to multiply the exchange rate by?   What is the U.S. dollar amount now for a passport?  I know you can't pay in U.S. dollars anymore, just need to know the dollar amount.


Anyone know?



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Just had mine renewed in California - $110, plus photo finishing if required.   Return postage was included, and the process took maybe three weeks.  US State Dept. web page gives only general information about out-of-country renewal.  See: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/outside-us.html

In the '80s, had a renewal in Guatemala City which only took a few days, and I was also able to renegotiate 'up' my Japanese girlfriends' US entry visa (dealt with a Princeton man).  Order a 50 pager - same price and within ten years there will be international bounties on gringos' heads...

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All the information regarding the rate and amount will be available a few days before their visit. Call LCS either Saturday or Monday and leave your email address and I will email you immediately when the rate is known OR check the Customs and Immigration section of this web board for the rates the Friday or Monday before for the accurate information.

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