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On 4/18/2019 at 6:48 AM, Creature of Habit said:

What is the purpose of a curp card? who asks you for that ? Most people have their Curp number printed on their residency visas.   I have a card printed by SAT with my curp and RFC, no one in 15 years has ever asked to see it.  Have you been asked by someone to see a curp card?

You obviously don't own anything or belong to any institute in Mexico then.

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The CURP Clave Única de Registro de Población program is used to manage access to government services in Mexico.  A valid CURP is needed to get a driver's license, register a vehicle, apply for employment, file taxes, start a business, open a bank account, use government healthcare services, obtain government-sponsored senior discounts, and for many other matters.  When the program began the CURP document was a wallet-sized card.  The format has now changed and today the CURP document is a letter-sized certificate, not a card.

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Some places no longer accept the wallet sized card even though it is the same number and demand the huge (8.5" x 11') new one.

Just go to the website  https://www.gob.mx/curp/, enter your old curp number and a it will display a new form for you that you can download as a pdf and print... and keep on your phone.




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6 hours ago, Creature of Habit said:

I have owned 6 houses, I file a Mexican tax declaration with my Mexican accounting firm, I own Mexican plated cars, no one has ever asked to see a card.   In the above mentioned things that I own and do who would ask to see a card.  The curp number is on my residency visa and my RFC is on a document from SAT.  

You posted earlier that you have a card from the SAT that has your RFC and CURP # on it, so that means they already have your info and would not need it again.  New residents of foreign nationalities are not ensconced in the system and have to enter it, hence the card as proof.  There were a lot of generic numbers used at one time for first time users that are of no avail now.

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33 minutes ago, Yo1 said:

My understand is that anything printed in color is considered trying to counterfeit.  Print only in black and white.

My experience with a Seguro Popular hospital in Guad was that it had to be in color. All the document vendors across the street did them in color and every patient wishing to simply make an appointment had to produce one.

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I think it has to be in colour. I wonder why they changed the card but not the number. I got my CURP card in 2010. It is a handy wallet sized laminated card. Much more convenient to carry around that a paper one 8 1/2 by 11 inches.  Are you allowed to fold up the 8 1/2 by 11 one?

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