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ISO heated pool for exercise class

bob k

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For several years now, a group of friends have been attending a water exercise class in San Juan Cosalá, Purple Door B & B, using their pool.

Purple Door recently was sold, and the new owners want to convert the facility into a religious retreat and they don't want us swimming there anymore.

The water exercise class is an hour long, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting at 2PM. We do not use obnoxious music (in fact, no music at all). This is water resistance exercise, not aerobics. Each swimmer pays 30 pesos for a one hour class. We bring our own water exercise equipment (floats, styrofoam dumbells, etc.). The average class size ranges from 6 to 10 people, it can vary. When the weather is poor, we cancel, and we would cancel for other reasons as determined by where we end up having our class.

So...does anybody have suggestions about a place we could check out for swimming? We need a heated pool, 4 to 5 feet deep.

Please don't suggest the Aquatic clubs in Las Redes and Riberas. They want a club membership and are too rigid with their schedule.

Montecarlo is out, too expensive, the big pool is not heated.

Other suggestions welcomed! Contact Kathy Koches at kkoches@gmail.com

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17 minutes ago, kgreenbury said:

Can nonresidents of RC attend and where would one find the info?  Is there ever a time when the pool's available for free swim for non-residents? It didn't used to be crowded and many days I had it to myself...

Yes the pool is available to non residents,  pay the daily fee of 100pesos?

During the water aerobic exercise days , regular swimming  time is 10am to 8pm, other days open at 9am

For many regular swimers the water is too hot on the aerobic exercise days of  Tuesday,  Thursday and  Saturday 



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