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Ilox Down in Ajijic??

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I hope that all of you who have an Ilox install are getting what you paid for. If you signed up for 50/75 I hope that you are all receiving 50/75. When Telemex pro,ises 5 0r 10, IO believe most of you are receiving 60-80% of that, or 3/4 on the 5 and 6/8 on the 1o.

Having a complete stoppage, even on low speeds is a major reason for so many of us pleading for a sservice that Ilox was supposed to provide.

I hope all of you already installed on Ilox are getting those speeds.

I also hope that if you are not and you make an inquiry as to why not, you are not told  that it is the fault of the equipment you have attached to the modem. 

If you have a brand new Insignia Amazon TV, it will surely be at fault if youn are having cessation and extraordinary sppeed from Ilox.

Under NO circumstances will it ever be the fault of the provider.



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It is obvious that you are very displeased with the way your installation..... and de-installation.... of service went. The more you Post the more it appears that there may be still more to hear. I have been/was in the IT service business far too long to not notice. And when I hear that the President of a large company has taken the time to send an after hours email announcing that one's business is not wanted, I 'know' there's more to the story. 


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According to the engineers at Ilox:

"Ajijic service is provided by our equipment in Jocotepec, yesterday morning CFE energy company had a large issue affecting the area for several hours, our equipment has backup power lasting around 8 hours but issue lasted until this morning, we had a team installed a generator yesterday afternoon to get service up.

Service was down for about two hours yesterday afternoon, due to this CFE issue in the big station on Jocotepec."

Backup generators AND a backup backup generator? Now that's responsive, I'd have to say.

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The first tier Ilox Joco "backup power" may involve batteries or they probably could have topped up its' fuel to keep the photons flowing.  That they could install a generator so quickly suggests that it runs on diesel or petrol rather than propane, which might require fixed tank installation.  Recently went through several days w/o power here in the redwoods which love to fall down during storms, and you learn to have two generators tested and ready and a tablet+PC media center preconfigured in your car so you can track down a wireless signal.  During the Enron induced brownouts in California, there was a cartoon around showing a '30s style jalopy truck stacked with computer gear while the driver tells his friend on the silicon valley sidewalk, "Heading to Oklahoma - here tell they got electricity there..."

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