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Yes, "penetration is dependent on frequency".  

I'm trying very, very casually to scare up plans for new brick construction, for an integrated whole-house system of deep-set conduit terminating in a master panel of some sort.  Hoping to avoid WiFi or other kluges. All preliminary to even starting architects/engineers' plans.  Certainly in India, there must be some version of such blueprints available. (It's remarkable how much construction worldwide is just like Mexico, reinforced concrete post-and-beam.)  

Thanks all.

(I'm also the :() who suggested a formal 'consumers' union' for Ilox users so as to promote accurate and useful communication with the company,  I think it was ComputerGuy who laughed at me, and I'm sure he was right. What can you do - donate CRM software?  But we each have to engineer our own satisfaction...)

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