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23 minutes ago, rvanparys said:

Received a call last night from a "good friend"... No name ... I said I didn't have any friends and hung up... Perfect English...

Me too.... except since I answer phone with "bueno",  caller  answered me in perfect Spanish and started with the same "don't you recognize my voice?" etc. stuff.  Must be the season.........

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16 minutes ago, bournemouth said:

I have reached the point that I no longer answer the phone if I don't recognize the number.  If someone really needs to be in touch, they will leave a message.

I do the same, a good practice.

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I have one corded phone in the house with no caller ID so I tend to answer if I am in the same room,  just in case.  All others I do not answer if the number is not familiar.  This was the first one of these scam calls for several months so yes, maybe tis the season.

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i had a scammer call two years ago, caller said he was my nephew and needed money.

I do not have a nephew named Joe, so i said is this Joe he said yes.

i asked how he is m how i missed him and hope to see him again, ( played along)


The scammer asked for money again,Ii a said  Joe I owe you a million pesos remember, i am happy to send it to what oxxo do you want me to send to


The scammer hung up.



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