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Hi All,

Anyone had experience, either NOB or here, with using panels to cover ugly plaster ceilings ? My ceilings are old, easily 40+ years, and are showing their age. Nothing is falling, but repeated patching over the years and oxidation from the beams is showing through.

I do not want to just repaint them, but in order to replaster and cover the beams appropriately it will be just a terrible mess. I don't have the patience for that. 

What I am looking at are plastic or styrofoam panels, planks or tiles that can be placed over these ceilings. Some use a grid and lock system, others use a strong adhesive.

If you have had experience with this type of ceiling work and materrial, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Thanks, Cindy

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Drywall or vinyl film will make it look worse because it will never look flat/smooth, there are veneer plasters who could do this type of work over drywall, but I doubt anybody local. Also it will all come down if there is a roof leak. How do you discover a roof leak - after the leak has already started and damage done. I would look to applying a textured finish, either with a roller, or popular in Mexico, a tyrolean finish. This finish uses a manual "flicker" machine to apply it, a version of this machine is manufactured in Mexico City (CDMX). This is a British video, but it will give you an idea. I have only ever seen this finish on vertical walls, ceilings are always a problem - ask Micheangelo!


not my work - but pretty nice


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My ceilings are old, rough textured plaster. Certainly not worth a pic. 😉 

Wallpaper is not an option, as it is too rough for the paper to adhere well.

Drywall is too heavy.

My roof is well maintained and has no leaks.

I have an appointment on Monday with a contractor from the US who says he has experience with floating/grid ceilings. 🙏

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FYI. Just want to share our experience with a ceiling repair. We have a textured plastered ceiling. It developed about a three foot crack. Tapping around the crack, a section, 2 by 3 foot, came down.  When the repair person inspected the area, they said the cement was not sealed or the sealer dried out. They inspected the whole ceiling, tapping to see if the plaster was attached everywhere.  They found a couple of small areas that was not attached and easily repaired them.  They said if they found too many or too large of an area, they would have to remove all of the plaster.  For us, everything work out fine. I am so happy that they check the whole ceiling before they started.

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