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Replacement Outdoor Flood Light Bulb

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We got tired of replacing CFL floods, especially since we have to hire someone to go up a ladder to replace them. Bought 70 LED "Corn" bulbs from Amazon, very bright, low power, and last 3 or 4 years (we hope).


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Not certain of the type you use however the 30 and 50 watt, LED, sealed units are available at Amutio and Casa Plumero in the Ajijic area.   Two of ours are still going after 2+ years.  A smaller 10 in the carport lasted a year and half.  These are square sealed units with a mounting bracket16-46-40.jpg.9f12c439cc4c64fa413e778897c6125f.jpg

with lead wires ready to connect to power source.  under 500 pesos

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The non-LED bulb I am replacing is at least two years (was here when we moved in).  It is on a motion detection unit...it rarely comes on.  

No luck at the Bugambilias place (limited inventory), will get to the lighting store soon.  

Gracias all. 

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18 hours ago, RickS said:

Is there a reason why LED lights are only lasting a few years?  CFE fluctuations? 

No - LED lights are very friendly to current flucuations and dirty power. Their enemy is heat. If they have a bulb design with poor cooling, then they destroy themselves. Those "Corn" bulbs I linked are supposed to last 35,000 hours, and they are full 360 lighting.

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