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Any experience with Platlet Rich Plasma(PRP) procedure at Dra. Justina's place in west ajijic

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Any experience with joint problems  with Dr.  Jorge Alejandro Molina Duenas, who comes from Guadalajara  on Tuesdays and Thursdays  and does his procedure  in Dra. Justina Jimenez place  (Clinica de Rehabilitacion Intergral) on the caretera  in west Ajijic ( about 50 yards west of Yves restaurant) ? 

The doctor advises that his procedure for  joint 'repair" is a 4-session procedure (costing 2,000 pesos each) . 

Session 1 involves injecting Ozone gas in the eroded joint to expand it and make dor future injections.space

Sessions 2,3, and 4 a week apart each involve injecting one's own blood plasma (treated by centrifuge).

Each session lasts 15-30 minutes total, and there is no lingering pain.

The doctor used the following  terms in explaining what he uses:

  • Bio systema ( some kind of powder that is also injected with the plasma)
  • Ozone therapy
  • PRP
  • Terapia Neuraal ( alocal anesthetic)

He claims he has been doing it for  7 years including one year at Lakeside.


If anyone has experience with this doctor/procedure (especially relating to the hip joint).  Please share your experiences, especially if you see improvements over the long run.

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