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Notary in Ajijic?


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On 2/3/2022 at 3:21 PM, mudgirl said:

Yes, I'm well aware that the term notary encompasses different things in Mexico than the US. For instance, Mexican notaries, rather than lawyers, handling property sales. 

But to say that notaries don't exist in Mexico is absurd and yes, they can notarize documents.

Notarios are an abogado and are a higher ranking than an ordinary Abogado and are the only ones who can do properties and wills. They are not lowly notaries like in the US and Canada and are not called notaries except by mistaken google translate,in any event. Who's absurd?

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Understood. I have already stated that I know about the one in Villa Nova. The OP was hoping for one within walking distance but never specified where in Ajijic he is located. If he's in La Floresta, then the one in San Antonio is closer. Capiche?

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