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Oh dear. I can only share my experience. Dr Gustavo first did laparocopic surgery on my knee to repair my meniscus. This was unsuccessful. Before he replaced my knee, I asked him to tell me about my new knee. He obviously was insulted that I asked. My primary doctor told me to trust Dr Gustavo to pick out the appropriate prosthesis.

After the replacement, I had a horrible time with physical therapy. My new knee had a very limited range of motion. When I asked Dr Gustavo about this,  he replied, "How old are you?" I had just turned 65. He condescendingly responded, "Well aren't you getting to an age where you want to slow down and take it easy." I wanted to slap him. I had been looking forward to once again being able to hike, to bicycle, and to play golf and tennis. I can do none of these activities because my new knee is "an old lady's knee" with a limited range of motion. My primary doctor stopped recommending Dr Gustavo after my experience.

On the other hand, Dr Gustavo has done an incredible job of rebuilding a friend's shattered leg and a neighbor's fractured collarbone and arm. I don't know why he exercised such poor judgement when selecting my replacement knee. To this day I am in extreme pain because of this knee.

My advice is to question Dr Gustavo very closely. Do not let him get away with not answering your questions to your satisfaction. If he avoids answering a question or if he is condescending toward you in any way, opt for a different doctor. But this advice is true when selecting any doctor! Good luck.....

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We gave up on Integrity many years ago. The doctor who heads the group is a Dermatologist who lives in Ajijic and hasn't been able to attract the top talent from Guadalajara. On the other hand, Dr. Hector Briseno is a second generation heart specialist (cardio interventionalist) who has worked beside many top specialists in Guadalajara. Their Orthopedic Surgeon there is very talented, excellent bedside manner (a handsome hunk, if that matters at all) , and did a wonderful job with Ms. Chillin's broken leg. He will even do housecalls, but they cost 1,000 pesos.

Get a second opinion before surgery. Mexico 101.

I had minor knee pain yesterday and tried dicofloneco topical ointment/crema for the first time. It really works it is an anti-inflammatory and painkiller which has been around for over 30 years. It was originally used for treatment of women going through breast cancer. It is a non-opoid.

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Dr. Gustavo had to remove all cartilage in my husband's knee that was also full of gout two to three years ago.  We could not have asked for a better doctor.  A year after that a friend fell and broke her shoulder.  Took her to him and did a wonderful job explaining the problem and showed exactly what procedure he would do to mend it.  

As for the post from above from MaggieMae, everyone is different and has different experiences with doctor care in the area.   Sorry she had problems.  Hopes this helps.

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MaggieMae you are lucky in a way, my doctor is an excellent doctor, I told her that I was starting to get pain in my right knee. She looked at it, and said probably cartilage, get an xray. I asked how to treat it, she looked at me and shrugged, lose weight she said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Of course she is totally right.


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We stopped using Integrity on the lateral of the carretera years ago for several reasons.  Have had wonderful experience with all of the Drs. at Quality Care Plaza Interlago on the libramiento around the corner from the BP/Pemex station.  They are all board certified and very caring. And yes Dr. Briseño is the cardiologist intervention Dr. a Quality care.    

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