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Ilox installed today

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44 minutes ago, luvsdawgs said:

I do not understand the majority of what is written here but I am now concerned I will not receive WiFi downstairs. Currently with Telmex I do. My neighbors across the street can get it from me as well. Why is it that Telmex gives better WiFi? My speeds my be slow but powerful, I guess.

Sometimes there is trade off between speed vs signal strenght.  

Like CG said this just a setup issue but it may be a little trial and error, especially since you mentioned two levels in your house.  There is a big difference with signals going through concrete vs wood.  

First, make sure you have a good speed at your modem. I would do that with an via ethernet connection.   Then you can work on the wi-fi.

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Ok  I went by Steren and told them what I was looking for and he showed me a Steren brand that he said was the same (he didn't try to upsell me the more expensive model which I appreciated). After I installed it I'm getting 30 t0 40 megs in the back room and 45 plus in the front rooms, which is good enough for me. Now to see how reliable it is.

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9 hours ago, desafinada said:

ILOX has been installed in our house for two weeks now.  Here are a few observations.

Internet access randomly drops out for short periods; usually only 30 to 90 seconds.  I can't comment on the frequency as we use it only an hour or two a day.  When  this occurs most devices will automatically switch to a different service if one is available.  You can prevent this by shutting down your old telmex system or telling your devices to "forget" the SSIDs.

ILOX blocks some streaming services; specifically Area-51.  We have overcome that through the use of what we consider to be a good VPN, Nord.

We will post more if we learn more.

I love my Area-51 iptv. Makes you wonder what else they block? May as well keep Telmex if I have to go the VPN route. Maybe Telmex speeds will improve if half the lake gets on ILOX? lol

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Just because you can't connect to Area-51 doesn't mean Ilox is blocking it.   Ilox is a federal carrier and they have to follow Federal rules.  They don't block sites arbitrarily.   More likely there is a router with a bad table somewhere along the connection route.   Please send a mail to noc@mail.ilox.mx  Attn:  Victor Godinez and describe the exact problem.  They'll get right on it.   And please report back to this group the results.


Thanks, BR



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