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Need a birdbath

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We have been having great fun watching a neighbourhood cat jump up on the birdbath to drink, until the other day when he proved a bit too hefty for the balancing act. Down came birdbath, cat, and all. Fortunately the cat was fine, but now I need a replacement.

I bought this one some years ago at a place up the hill in Ajijic that used to sell lawn decorations, mostly hollow plaster. I haven't seen anything like it around here since. I went to one of the Tonala outlets in Riberas and they had nothing. I have no interest at the moment in going to Guadalajara on a search, so I'm hoping someone here might have actually come across one lately.

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It's immediately west of the furniture tent/now building. Lots of selection. I fancied a canterra fountain, and they are happy to sell me the bottom half only, which makes for a nicely-styled birdbath. They also had regular birdbaths, but not nearly as interesting. I said I had two weeks, and they said it would be here in... two weeks.

Pretty much looks like this, $800 for either a birdbath or the bottom half of the fountain. Thanks for helping, everyone who helped.DSS%20In%20the%20Yard%20Pix%20-%20Canter

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There's one on the highway in Riberas just west of the gas station, in the strip that also has the big pet store and California Cafe. There's another at the lights in San Antonio on the south side beside the mattress store, across from Fenix Real Estate. I believe there is still another in the strip just west of Panino.

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