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Forgotten passwords and backup phone numbers

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This is just a general plea to help you with potential PASSWORD problems you might face in the future. You know, you set up your Yahoo, or GMail, or HotMail account probably some time ago... even many years ago. Let's say you were in Canada when you did this, and when asked for verification, you used your (then current) cell phone number and/or email.

So you come down here, you forget your password after 5 or 6 or 7 years, or it gets buggered for some reason, and you go through the steps to get it back. But you can't, because that old phone number or email address is no longer active. Or worse, the backup email address is active, but you can't remember the password for that email address.

Then Yahoo or GMail or HotMail tells you "Sorry, we can't get your password back". And they advise you to get a new email address. Well, we all know what a pain that can be: no more contacts, no history, lost photos, etc.

I bring this up because I have tried to help at least 10 people with their accounts this month already, and for the clients it's very frustrating and time-consuming. Had one today who had an Amazon account for eBooks, but couldn't remember the password, so we sent a code to the Yahoo backup email address, but couldn't remember the password for that email, and so on. Another client had a dead laptop, and Windows had to be restored, but that meant losing the email password, and because they no longer have the old phone, there is no way to get that email working again.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make sure your passwords are written down, and for every account you have online, make sure your BACK AND EMERGENCY numbers and email addresses are current. Not only will you save time and energy, but you won't have to pay me to try and fix it for you.

Cheers, everyone... Mike

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I use another program which like Last Pass, saves everything including notes. I use RoboForm. Which is best?  I really do not know. I have heard good things about both. And I am very satisfied with mine.

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I use Norton products which includes a Password Vault. Includes notes. It is cloud based so all my passwords are shared on my pc, cell and tablet devices.

Just waiting for a version of Norton for my Smart TV.  HAHAHAHA

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Please bear in mind that while using a password manager is a good idea, it may amount to nothing if you don't keep the accounts themselves updated with your backup/secondary/emergency information of emails and phone numbers. You will also need to make a backup of your password manager on an external drive or in the cloud.

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PasswordSafe is an excellent free program that can be used to manage not only user names and passwords but can be used to keep track of other important data such as passports, driver’s licenses, security questions and utility bill numbers. I use it to store all of the grandkid’s birth dates

One nice feature is the ability to copy the safe to Dropbox making all that info available on your devices anywhere in the world. There are multiple passwords as well as touch ID needed to gain access making it extremely secure.

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