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I have booked flights with Volaris before but find it confusing and can't figure it out this time.

I go on 1 site it says $139.99, but it won't let me book the flight from there, so I go directly to Volaris and it is over $300. I don't get it, do you have to call them to get that deal? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Trying to get my Dad a good price on a flight.


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Volaris alleged cheap fares evaporate very quickly when you start booking the flight.  Very close to bait and switch IMO.  Not to mention the fact you pay extra for everything needed for most normal flying.  Not that they are much different from the rest.  

Flying sucks these days.  For a flight of any distance, you almost need to see a chiropractor on arrival to get all the kinks out.  I'm surprised they aren't offering this as yet another "extra."


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20 minutes ago, wanderer said:

get the app, the website is terrible but the app works great and cheaper the last time i booked.

Thks for the suggestion of getting the app...

Volaris must have the worst and most challenging web site of all the airlines...Most times I finish up calling and making the reservation, with an extra charge of approx$5usd...01 55 1102 8000 or 1 855 865 2747........ and each I tell the person to notify his super that the web site is horrible...but so far nothing has changed!!!!

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2 minutes ago, Al Berca said:

Viajes travel books me on Volaris for the same, low, advertised price on their website, because I can’t do it, either. No price increase and Volaris pays their commission.

I can't recall, but there is something that Viajes does want that is different to online booking...maybe cash and not CC for part or whole of the fare?

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I fly Volaris often and hate it. I always pay for the premium seats. I flew them to Panama, Costa Rica, and last week to Puerto Penasco. their website s...s. I usually go to In God we trust. I do have the app which helps check-in and bording with the QR reader. Good luck.

DO NOT buy the food it also s...s.

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