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Suggestions for someone who can freeze off warts and small lesions

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I used to go to LCS for this before the last fellow retired (sorry his name escapes me) and he was replaced by a Mexican lady who doesn't seem to get it done for me.  I don't think she uses the nitrogen long enough or correctly.  I really don't want to get involved in expensive doctoring for what is routine minor cosmetic treatment for something this minor and common.

Any suggestions as to alternatives who you've had success with?


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1 hour ago, Al Berca said:

Yes, and she doesn’t get it done for me, either. Any of the dermatologists at Dermika are extremely competent. My personal preference is Dr. Luis.

 "Me either" .  I did not used her in LCS but at the office on Libramiento. She charged me "pretty penny" for what she did.

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