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Reporting Telmex problems...


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Most people know some of my past problems with the Ajijic Telmex office. Now, there seems to be a better way.

This time both my landline and my internet went down for a total of five days. I called 1-800-123-2222 and got a folio number using my cell phone. They TEXTED me the folio number and said, in the text, in the future to text to *2222 if other problems occurred. Problem was fixed on Monday and I got a call from the tech to check that all was well within five minutes of restoration of service. Today, I got an e-mail asking me to fill in a short questionnaire about my experience.

Well, I'm gobsmacked. Best service and response that I've had to a problem here in 8 years. In the comments section, I thanked them and told them that my other experiences with Telmex over the last 23 years have been positive and that ONLY the Telmex office in Ajijic has let me down on numerous occasions. Maybe they'll do something about that and maybe they won't. Whatever... now you know a better way to report a problem.


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Agreed, especially if you can't text in Spanish or preferably both languages just in case. If speed is the problem then it's best to dial the 1-800-123-2222 and they can test remotely and make you jump through the hoops. You can also ask for an English speaking tech which may take longer but may be worthwhile. Every problem is different but it's about choices when you have one.

When the Telmex office here kept giving me non functional modems, it was Mexico City who suggested I buy one on Mercado Libre and even told me the two models that they recommended. That gave me the option of having them (I bought both, one to use and one as back up) delivered to iShop so I wasn't sitting around waiting for one to be delivered from Telmex in Mexico City. Where there's a will, there's a way.

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I'm in Canada at the moment and won't be back 'til Sunday. May I suggest that you call the 1-800 number on the front of your modem, ask for English (if necessary) and  ask the tech what the model numbers and brands of Telmex modems they are currently recommending. My modem replacement was a couple of years ago so there may very well be more up to date models available. Suerte!


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