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German Shepherd

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Questions were asked. They were not answered. I'm done... from the apple to the basketball.

And, for the record, I hope that whoever tied this poor dog to a fence and left it to die alone receives the same fate. At the very least, it could have been taken to the ranch and tied to the gate there... same as my Ginny was... knowing that it would be taken in and cared for. Shame on you, whoever you are. I hope you rot in hell.

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I also Private Message, when I don't think the conversation needs to be shared or is appropriate for public display, just like I do with you. 99% will never know this, because... Private Message. And many of them will assume the worst, because they don't know. But that doesn't stop them from attacking.

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No one is attacking. Since you are unaware of the scope and complexity of the problem of wannabe rescuers, please do not assume that people are being too harsh in their comments. Some of the comments were not so much aimed at the OP as in education of other potential "rescuers" reading the thread.

I know the OP and know that she is well aware of the issues.

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Then during your journey to teach posters how to clarify their statements, please clarify your own. This way you won't have to follow up your comments with further clarification by way of defending your statements. In much the same manner as you accuse the OP.

Further, how can you assume that I am assuming that "people are being too harsh", when the comments are there in black-and-white to be seen and read? Even more to the point, if you " know the OP and know that she is well aware of the issues", why comment at all? Because now you are assuming that everyone else on here does not understand the whole rescue situation, and chastising them for that, when you literally have no idea.

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40 minutes ago, Lily H said:

Computer Guy:

Before your next bursts of snapping and judging of other people, I suggest you take a really good look at every one of your own posting here.

Before you judge me, make sure you're perfect.

Snapping? Learn how to observe and take criticism.

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3 hours ago, GeorgiaPeach said:


Is this the dog that was found - has been missing since Dec. If it is please contact Alejandra  Maldonado at the number below. Thanks


i perrita sigue extraviada responde al nombre de Doly es una pastor aleman mi numero es 3315541758

My dog still missing responds to dolly's name is a German Shepherd my number is 3315541758


Was a male, not female and had more black.

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