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Fiber Optic Cable in San Antonio? PRONTO???


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Update for the "inquiring minds want to know crowd", so they can get some sleep tonight.

At 4PM I passed by the crew stringing cable on Calle del Fresno between Calle del Parque Ote. and Calle del Parque Pte. in Chula Vista  and talked to them.  Yes, they are installing cable for ILOX but they are not management so they haven´t any idea about a time table for completion.

Since Chula Vista is part of SAT, the answer to the question is yes

I forgot to get their names as somebody will probably want to know…..LOL

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I am going to guess these guys are subcontracting for Ilox, but you never know.   Since Ilox agreed to come in some of the other carriers have been stirring..I think Telecable / IZZI might be stepping up their game.  Telmex has started quoting some developments for fiber buildouts.   All good stuff.  For my part I'm just happy to hear that Ilox seems to be making steady progress.    Hopefully the sun will come up soon...


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7 hours ago, bournemouth said:

As an aside, I received a call from Ilox this morning to say that the office in Ajijic will open next week - another baby step in the right direction.


So they're calling everybody who signed up? 

Or, how did you get on this special list?



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20 minutes ago, tkessler said:

Gents...  Ifibra appears to be a different company that has decided to put in fiber too:   https://www.ifibramx.com/  .    I know nothing else about them...but competition is a good thing. 

I saw a truck from Ifibra  on our street in SA recently as well, but when I go to their webpage and try to sign up for service, nothing happens when clicking on the "contratar" button...

Anybody sign up with them yet ?

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This now appears to be a whole new ball game. When I started this thread way back in mid Feb., everything and everybody was pointing to ILOX. As soon as they opened their office in Ajijic shortly thereafter, I rushed over and signed up and was told "In about 2 months", which is about now. So if they were not the ones string the cable, maybe I made the wrong move? Very confusing to say the least!

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