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Lisa, has her usual a teaser to get you to subscribe. She writes that "Mega" development was approved. There is a map but I 

cannot make out where it is. Is this for real?  I do not have a subscription as she never reimbursed us subscribers the last time she was doing 

this and then just stopped . Not even when sent an email and asking for it.

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She still must be finding fools who will pay her. If she were not, she would not be still  sending out her offers.  The last phony adv. I read offered an annual subscription for more than the annual cost of subscribing to the Guad Reporter.

One issue of the Guad Reporter averages 28 to 32 pages (occasionally 24 or 36 too). And it is issued weekly. From what I have heard from others, is that Lisas' publication has less output for a total year than does an average issue of just one week of the Guadalajara Reporter.

Yet without warnings like this, more people are going to sign up for this nonexistent publication of hers.

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