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US Consulate February 13th. visit fees

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US Consulate Checklist



1.     Proper form completed and signed

2.     2 photos 2”x2” or 5 x 5 cm. (No glasses)

3.    Your old passport and one photo copy of your passport

4.    Bank checks payable to “United States Disbursing Officer on behalf” in Mexican pesos.  There are no cash/card transactions.  Bank checks in pesos only from Banamex  located at Av. Francisco I Madero 222, Col. Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal., Mexico. Tel:  376 765 2271 .  Please do not write anything on the check!


·       Applicant must present an OFFICIAL AND CURRENT US or Mexican ID, such as:

o US or Mexican Passport                

o US or Mexican Driver’s License

o Mexican Voter ID Card (IFE/INE)


Form(s) Needed

Book Only

Card Only

Book & Card

Adult renewal (Previously had a 10 year passport)


$110 USD/


$30 USD/


$140 USD/


Child renewal


$115 USD/



$50 USD/



$130 USD/



First time adult renewal (Previously had a 5 year passport, and is 16 years of age or older)


$145 USD/



$65 USD/



$175 USD/



Lost or Stolen Passport

DS-64 and DS-11

$145 USD/



Under 16- $50 USD/


16 and over-$65 USD/


Under 16- $130 USD/


16 and over-$175 USD/


Notary Service


$50 USD per seal/ $975.00


February, 2019      Exchange Rate: $19.50     MXP per 1 USD  

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