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Giovanni has passed away

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Wednesday night a number of us got a WhatsApp message from Giovannie's son Christian, saying Giovanni had died. Edit: was just told pneumonia. While I've never been fond of his food, I've certainly followed him to every one of the locations he's been at over the last 20 years, and he was a likeable guy to most of us. My Mom believed he could do no wrong, and he knew how and when to turn on the charm. He did tell a friend the day before that he was too sick to go to work.

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I haven't seen Giovannie in maybe 10 or 15 years and vaguely remember that he was perhaps middle aged. About how old was he? I am trying to better remember him. Sorry if that sounds in bad taste to ask I sure hope not. That is not my intention.

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We will miss him

When i arrived on October 2, 2018 about 4:30PM to our rental in Birds of Paradise condos.  We finished unpacking about 7 PM. We where hungry.

We took a walk over to nearby Plaza behind the old Pemex, and Giovanni's restaurant was open, He gave a warm greeting, welcomes us to Ajijic and wonderful food.

We made us very happy the evening with his kind joyful welcome, We had been driving for three days from Phoenix, Arizona. We were tired, and it felt great to meet happy vibrant kind man like Giovanni, I will remember that moment as long as I live. He was the first person to welcome us to our new home.

We will never forget his wonderful smile.

We have dined 6 times in his new restaurant that he just opened O Shante in west Ajijic and shared this story with him again.


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I'm so very sad to read this news.  My husband and I have always enjoyed Giovanni, his charm, charisma, food and such a kind man.  My heart goes out to his family as they mourn the loss of this sweet man.  My husband's mother was from Italy and he always enjoyed speaking Italian with Giovanni.  Rest in peace, sweet friend.

Valerie  :(

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We followed Giovanni from one endeavor to another, the first one being in Upper La Floresta about 20 years ago.  He was so engaging and charming and even had the opportunity to watch his cooking show on Azteca TV.   Even with his businesses coming and going, he seemed to maintain a very positive attitude.  He will be missed....

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