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There is much chatter on social media these days about safety issues at lakeside.  For a frame of reference, or to just compare similar sized communities in the US, I checked out some crime stats from three typical towns from across the country:  Altoona, PA, Auburn AL, and Farmington NM.  These numbers represent the average for one year of the three towns.  Some were better and some worse in certain categories.

violent crime     260

murder     3

forcible rape     42

armed robbery     33

aggravated assault     274

property crime     1,572

burglary     320

larceny theft     1,180

car theft     193

I know that much crime goes unreported here at lakeside but that is also true NOB especially crimes like rape, assault, and theft.  But these three towns, for which I found stats, are considered normal and quite safe communities.  Their populations are about the same as our expat numbers here and are much smaller than our total lakeside population if you include locals.  So just try to do your best to both prevent crimes and report them if they happen and follow through with denuncios when applicable.  In the meantime, try to relax a little and grasp the fact that this area is still relatively safe and understand that there are not only local but also international political and financial elements in play concerning reporting on this issue.   Alan

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Funny there Johnny the vast numbers of victims of crime in Mexico look like and talk like Mexicans because they ARE Mexicans.  Now the statistics I've seen clearly show that foreigners whether they be expats or tourists are far less likely to be victims of crime here than Mexicans.  

Alan provided a good perspective here.  That video is sensationalized pablum as are the editorials from that Four Week wonder Bill Dahl.  Things have changed very little over the 11 years we've been here.  Quiet most of the time with occasional outbreaks of mostly petty crime and the occasional death.  I feel a lot safer here than driving in GDL thank you very much.

Thanks Alan.

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