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Looking for apartment or house to rent


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I moved to Tampico recently and the house I rented had toxic mold. 

I am now very ill and looking for a 2-bedroom house or apartment I can rent, furnished.

My requirements are:

1,  That the house be free of mold

2. That there is good air circulation & plenty of windows in the house.

3. That there is good counter space in the kitchen.

Of course, this would happen at the worst time of year, when everything is full of snowbirds, but I need to get back so I can take treatment by Dr. Bea. 

Anyone with any information, please PM me or call 332-6666-031.


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Welcome back Jabby!

Wow - you always have the worse luck, I hope someone is able to help.

Tampico is a much more interesting city that Chapala. Sort of like a New Orleans, if they hadn't bothered to clean up and revitalize after the hurricane.


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25 minutes ago, gringal said:

If your illness demands an immediate move and you're unable to find a rental right away, the Hotel Perico might work temporarily.  Rates are reasonable.

She would need a car to live there, even temporarily.

Do you still have that powerful nasal sprayer I gave you? If so, load it up with silver colloid solution and saline water (I use black salt, because of its high sulphur content). Spray your nose often, tilting your head to make sure it gets deep in your sinuses. The next part is a special diet, lots of probiotics, which eliminates all the items mold like to eat - starve the mold. Dra Bea will know about that. I will let Pam in Jocotepec know you are back in town, remember she fought and won a battle against mold in Florida before coming here. It will be good to see you back soapy girl!

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Thanks to all who responded.

I have had a week or so of severe neurological symptoms, thankfully now under control with acupuncture.

I really like Tampico, as I lived here 3 years back in the 80s.  Sad, that news story, but it's not what I find with "boots on the ground."  In fact, it is much quieter than Chapala & I like the prices of housing here.

I have a few friends hunting houses for me while I recover & work on nutritional issues.

What a blessing this illness!

And in my "Trash" can at my email, I stumbled on a message I had deleted - an invitation to join the Toxic Mold Summit, hosted by Toxic Mold Specialist, Dr. Margaret Christenson, M.D.  It's been a week of lectures from other physicians who, after their own experiences with toxic mold, have redirected their medical focus to specialize in treatment for toxic mold. 

The Universe even directed me to an acupuncturist (from India) who had her own toxic mold story.  We are working together to improve my sleep & diet.  I have a lot of confidence in her, as she's been through the same thing.  In another blessed twist, she is now selling my soaps from her office, as her clients are always asking for something natural.  And she has hooked me up with a group to do some paid teaching work, as well as some workshops.

I do believe I'm going to like it here.

Thanks again to all who responded.

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