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Phone fraud - Bancomer


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Hello, I don’t usually post much on this forum but I have had some problems with phone fraud lately with Bancomer which I wanted to write  about in case it happens to you.

I have been in this area for about 12 years now and I have both debit and credit cards with Bancomer.  About 9 months ago I got a call and they said they were calling from  Bancomer and they were asking about a charge to my debit card, they asked if I had requested life insurance and they said there was a ‘pending’ charge of 4000 pesos.  They asked if I had requested that and I told them no,  and they said they could cancel that charge but they would have to do it right away and they just needed to know the 16 digits of my debit card.  I told the lady that it is my policy not to give out that information  over the phone  and she got mad at me! She started yelling at me and saying I was crazy and that only she could stop that payment,  otherwise I would be charged 4000 pesos.  I noticed it was Friday afternoon after 4pm, so it was too late to go to the bank and talk to them about it. But since she got mad at me I figured she wasn’t professional and it was most likely a fraud. And as it turns out there was no such charge to my debit card, they were just trying to get me to give them the 16 digits of my debit card.

And since then it  has happened three more times, once about 3 months ago they said that I had a charge with Aeromexico for 1200 pesos, I told them that wasn’t me and they told me to hold the line as they were transferring me to another department.  But again, it was the same thing, they wanted the 16 digits of my debit card wihich I refused to give them.

And it has happened two more times in the last two days. One was a text I got from ‘Uber’ saying there was a charge for 1040 pesos and to call this number for ‘aclarations’.   Same thing, I called and they wanted to know my 16 digits. The interesting thing is that they already knew the first 10 digits of my debit card, but I went to Bancomer and they said that all  first 10 digits of their debit cadrs are the same, but it is the last 6 digits that change.

And then again last night, they said I had another charge to my debit card  and this time I played around with them and when she asked me for the full 16 digits I let her have it. 😊 And this morning I checked my account on line and there was no such charge.

I am not sure if it is just Bancomer or other banks as well, but the bottom line is  'never give out the 16 digits of your bank card over the phone!'

PS and another thing is not to speak Spanish with them. Since I have been here so long I speak Spanish but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have this problem!

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Thanks for the warning! When you think about it, IF it's a bank that's calling about fraud, they already KNOW the numbers but would never ask you for them. I love playing with these scam artist's on the phone, Sometimes, I just put down the phone to maintain the connection and walk away.... and if it says "private" or has some other lack of identification on the call, I don't even answer it.

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