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Artificial Turf; ISO capable installer

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We get very little sun in our courtyard and grass won't grow evenly. We are in search of a reputable, qualified local business that specializes in installing artificial turf. Have any of you had experience with artificial turf in Mexico?

Thanks in advance.

Sharon St. John

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In Mexico artificial turf is translated into Lava Rock, comes in a multitude of sizes from basically dust to a pea stone sized nugget to great big chunks. Trust me much much nicer than AT. No cutting or watering necessary. Place potted plantings were ever your heart desires. I hate grass especially AT. If you go this route place a water permeable weed barrier down under the lava rock.


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Artificial grass that looks like grass is not readily available in Mexico. Since I have a stone courtyard, I bought some from Amazon.com and had it brought in by Zipp Transport. I wanted it for my dogs who prefer the feel of "grass" underfoot for potty purposes. I would suggest you get that kind since it has drainage holes and mine get hosed down daily. This is a link and checking through the links will show you that it arrives, rolled up, in various sizes. I have also provided a link for the long landscape staples needed. Easily installed, ON PEA GRAVEL, with a mallet. Do not install on sand since it doesn't drain very well in the rainy season. There is also a tape available to join seams but probably not necessary unless you plan on playing football on it. It's good that your location doesn't get much sun because this stuff can get hot.





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