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Recommendation for person to repair salitre

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Is hard to stop! But this is the best proces to have a good warranty for many years!

This are the best products for salitre 

1.- afther remove the plaster in salitre area problem clean the bricks whit muriaric acid.

2.- them apply the seal.

3.- apply the first coat of plaster whit river sand, grey cement and the sikalite.

4.- apply the last coat of plaster whit fiber grass to make more solid the plaster, because all new plaster make cracks.

5.- when the work area is ready to paint we apply the special primer bio muros.

6.- and the final the paint.





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You know Vista Lake - this as good a solution as anyone locally is going to find. Basically putting high quality cement with polymers and fiber for support. Hopefully the reality and moisture will disperse over a wider area and not create trouble spots.

A few links however. The muriatic acid should be gently rinsed from the area before further work. The sealer should be slightly watered down, and dampen the area before the concrete is applied, not running wet, just "thirsty". Plaster is whole different species. Don't skimp on the fibers, Sika is a good choice, just be anti-alkaline. I have never heard of white river sand, silica sand is the very best and worth the cost for the little bit you need.

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Vista Lake- all new plaster doesn't crack. It cracks when there isn't enough sand in the mix (too much cement doesn't make it stronger, it makes it weaker) and when there is water added to the mix after the initial mix- too many plasterers here do this, because the mix is setting up before they can use it all. They mix up too much at once. 

None of the cement work I did in my house myself has one crack. But the work my builders did has cracks.

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