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 This band was formed in 1989, with the founders being brothers Marco
Antonio playing lead guitar and Octavio Elizondo Pineada playing drums
and voice.  Also Jose Alberto Lares playing the base


 Edgardo Cedeno-Keys
 Miguel Angel Lopez-Sax Participation in Yamaha's Band Explosion
festival.  Being finalists from 1989-1991 in Mexico City. Playing at the
October Fest for 8 years.Blues Fest jamming with recognized musicians
as: Thomas Tom "Cat" Colvin-Harmonica
 Jack Owens- guitarist Dallas, TX. Playing to crowds in Plaza
Fundadores. Jamming Sessions with Mark Cooper. Played with Chuck Barry,
Michael Mc Donald from the Doobie Brothers Band and Ozzy Osborne.

 La Avenida del Blues has been one of the most representative bands in

 Did you bite the BABY???  Then join us for Tamales to celebrate Dia De
la Candelaria. If you have been blessed by finding the baby at Dia de Reyes
we will have the tamales and atole for the celebration. There will be a
additional charge for this. Thank you.


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