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Social Security Direct Deposit to Mexican Banks As Of January 1, 2019

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9 minutes ago, AngusMactavish said:

This terse reply from the FBU may help anyone communicating with them.

"For us to give you the best possible attention, please make sure you write your social security number in the body of the email and not on the attachments. Thank you for contacting the Federal Benefits Office in the Guadalajara American Consulate."

Good point except the email may or may not be secure. The person that sent that statement may not understand email security. Attachments may not be secure either.

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9 hours ago, Joco said:

Contact the SS division in the Guadalajara consulate.  Fill out the forms again and email it. I will message you the forms. I cannot upload them here.


I can't send the form by PM either. If you have it already filled out can you scan it and email it?






Thank you for this information, Joco. Two things: 1) I live in Mexico City, not under the jurisdiction of the GDL consulate and 2) as I posted above, my problem finally appears to have been resolved.  

I appreciate your time in posting.

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