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On 12/30/2018 at 8:53 PM, jonnyintrouble said:

What a horror, buying a used car in Mexico, or anything of value, used.  Rare that most Mexicans would rid themselves of anything that still functions.  

Another problem is the "thing" has been touched by one of the millions of bad mechanics.  Don't get me started on scams.  But see, I never used the word, all.

Kind of insulting to say "rare that most Mexicans would rid themselves of anything that still functions".  

There are thousands of excellent used cars sold in Mexico. 

The majority of my family trades every 4 years. Their cars are maintained according to the mfgs schedule, washed 2-3 times a week, and low kms. They can't believe I have an 8 year old car. 

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The OP was asking about GDL. As in most big cities in Mexico the streets are paved.  As to torque wrenches, I was discussing late model cars with low miles. No need to use torque for oil & filter changes.

P.S. torque wrenches are available in Autozone as well as any good tool store in Mexico.

 I have seen cars repaired in the USA & Canada where torque wrenches should have been used and were not

The mechanics were not Mexican. 

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Again I was replying to the OP who lives in GDL and was asking about used cars in GDL.  I spoke of my family (most of who live in GDL) which is in no way equal to poor people in any of the countries you are naming. There are hundreds of thousands of middle class families living in GDL who would never take their cars to the type of mechanic you mention. The OP was not looking for racist opinions, but opinions on buying a used car. A very good friend of mine has a used car dealership in Zapopan. He has nothing under $350,000. All his cars are 1-4 years old. All are thoroughly inspected.  He would be insulted being compared to Sudanese, or Cuban, or Botswanan, as would my family.

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43 minutes ago, jonnyintrouble said:

Yes, GDL is home to thousands of middle class families.  But what is middle class? 

Average income 20,000 mxn.  You couldn't rent a phone booth for that in North American and European nations.

Middle-class homes are likely to have a refrigerator, a color television set and a cell phone. Only half have a vehicle, which Boumphrey found surprising because of Mexico’s burgeoning automotive sector, they live in urban areas and participate in the formal economy. To have a dishwasher is rare.


Now that's living high on the hog!

Nothing is nothing until it's compared to something else.  

Take a trip to DF in your car.  Stop at one of those little villages on the way that isn't even on the map.  Get out of your car and have a look around.  Any schools there?  Maybe one primary.  Any hospitals there, maybe 50 kilometers up the road.  Any university students there?  Any supermarket there.  Does your cell phone show any reception?  That to me is Mexico.  

I live just 20K from GDL.  There's no secondary school here. There's no hospital here.  Kids in the prepa take a bus to GDL.  If I had an infarto at this moment an ambulance would not arrive until 2 hours after I died.   Any pavement here?  There isn't even a shoe store.  I live in Mexico.  You live in LaLa Land.  So you should be able to conclude why our perceptions differ.  

With my meager Social Security payments I qualify as middle class in Mexico.  In EEUU I'd classify as a homeless street urchin.  

Sorry to inform you but you live in the Third World.  All those features I mentioned are classifications of the differences between First and Third World.  Especially the non-presence of educational and medical facilities, not to mention the corruption.  

1. Nigeria

2. Colombia

3. Pakistan

4. Iran

5. Mexico

6. Ghana

7. Angola

8. Russia

9. Kenya

10. Guatemala



Sucks to be you. 

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Third world countries were so designated by their polital alignment durring the cold war and do not represent stages of economic development.

The "three worlds" of the Cold War era, between April —  1975.

  1st WorldWestern Bloc led by the USA and its allies.
  2nd WorldEastern Bloc led by the USSRChina, and their allies.
  3rd WorldNon-Aligned and neutralcountries.
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On 1/3/2019 at 4:14 PM, jonnyintrouble said:

Kind of insulting to say "rare that most Mexicans would rid themselves of anything that still functions".  

Sorry, I didn't know you were a Mexican citizen.  

You must drive on pavement.  Because these charming cobble stone streets where I live will waste your suspension in a year .. or less.  

Do you know what a torque wrench is?  It's to measure the amount of pressure a nut or bolts receives as it's tightened.  Big nuts, more torque, small nuts less.  A must for any mechanic.  Since I arrived can you guess how many of them I have seen for sale in tool stores?  ZERO.  Do you know what an adjustable Crescent wrench is?   They never fit a nut correctly, always too loose, this rounds the hex of the nut or bolt.  Every mechanic here uses one.  Or even more common are adjustable pliers (Channel locks).  When a mechanic has the task or removing or replacing a nut or bolt on your car and walks out of the shop with Channel locks it's time to move on.  Ya see this guy might know a thing or two about cars but he hasn't the tools to do the job.  He has not a clue how much pressure he has put on that nut or bolt.  It could fall off while you and your family are crossing a dessert.  

So condescending!!! How dare you insult Mexican mechanics like this. I have lived here for 11 years and had 2 old Ford pick-ups. Armando, my mechanic has maintained both, and my 1982 F-150 is in great shape. I have noticed that good Mexican mechanics (and there are bad in ALL cultures) are particularly good at servicing older vehicles. 

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12 minutes ago, jonnyintrouble said:

Oh, two OLD Ford pickups ... with rifle racks?  Carburetored?  I doubt you have any components mechanics have to go to school for.  And if they're second rate has nothing to do with their acculturation or nationality.  It's that they've accumulated 100 bad habits over the years, like over-tightening the fan belt so much it fries the bearings in the water pump and alternator, never replacing gaskets but relying on glue, patching a tire and never taking the time and energy to dip it in a trough of water to check for leaks.  How could there be leaks, I just patched it!

You're going through my old postings looking for something to catch me on because I busted you for being a screaming redneck.

This was your post of 7 days ago. You are a complete bigoted :(). Get lost!

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