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Free TV... Not so fast. What you get for free:


But, for a few dollars more...

"Monthly subscription for all channels. This promotional price is for the first three months after which it will renew at $39. This plan automatically renews each month but you can cancel anytime and will not be billed again when your current 30 day period has expired."


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Very interesting!  I watched the tutorial for setting up on Roku.  What I couldn't quite figure out is how to have a playlist with just your individual choices.  You could select folders for U.S. and U.K. for example but you still end up with a boat load of channels.  That has been my big beef with CATV and most other channel aggregators in the past, I don't want to have to wade through all of that when in reality we might want to watch no more than about 50 channels total.

The other question I had about it is how to set up on multiple TVs with Rokus.  We have three in our household.  Would this require a separate account for each TV?

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