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Compared to Shrine Clubs in the U.S. and Canada, our Club is relatively small, but very active. Our biggest activity is helping lakeside children with medical problems, either at the Shriners Hospital in Mexico City or locally at Lakeside or in Guadalajara.

Here are the statistics for our Shrine Club in 2017:

Trips to Shriners Hospital in Mexico City - 71

Local examinations lakeside/Guadalajara - 80

Total …….. 151

Shrine Club Funds spent 2017…….$355,000 pesos*

* Includes $51,100 pesos contributed by Niños Incapacitados


Statistics from 2006-2017:

Patient family trips to the Shriner’s Hospital in Mexico City - 1,054

Local examinations for Patients Lakeside and Guadalajara - 771

Total Patients ………….. 1,825

Shrine Club funds spent……..$3,530,922 pesos

The Lake Chapala Shrine Club pays for all of the family transportation costs to Mexico City and the child’s local medical expenses which amount to thousands of pesos each year.

Your continued support at Shrine Club fundraisers is most appreciated.


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15 minutes ago, HarryB said:

donations here go to transport children to the Mexico City hospital which sees 6000 children a month. 

Harry is quite right but I'd like to add that money donated to the Lake Chapala Shrine Club is spent on transporting LOCAL children to one of our hospitals where they are treated, regardless of their ability to pay.

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