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Transitioning to Lake Chapala This Coming Year from San Diego


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1 hour ago, Mitch210 said:

Thanks for all of your feedback and I can tell that this webboard can become "volatile" at times...lol.   I appreciate your question re my statement about changing times here in the US.  I grew up in NYC and lived in several other states, both warm and cold along with living out of the country as a Sub Contractor for the US Military in the Bahamas.  I lived and worked on boats, Forbes "Highlander", being the most memorable.   I now love working in the technology space (been in Sales and Business Development for over 15 years)  but need a change of pace in regards to environment.  I'm in search of a nicer way of life in regards to a more relaxed, slower pace when I have free time.  My options here in the US would be to move away from cities, a bit off grid, so I could enjoy a different pace but still have access to resources.  

My thinking on your reasons for moving...you're just substituting one set of problems/situations for another, plus the difference of culture and  language..good whatever your choice 

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I've lived in Ajijic long enough to consider myself an old-timer by now and agree with most of what has been said so far.  I would add that finding a friendly place to occasionally hang out with some people who have been here awhile and know the ropes may be to your benefit - I lived pretty much everywhere in the USA before I retired and this is what I've always done, in any case.  I suggest a place called El Bar Co,  Friendly crowd, lots of full-time expats hang there of an afternoon, Carlos, the owner, is a good guy who knows everybody in town, and you can run into people there from pretty much all over the world at one time or another (which is one of the things I like about living here - it helps keep things interesting).

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