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I would very much appreciate any feed back on the tankless water heater  ECO-8 sold by the Green Home store in Ajijic.

I am about to replace an 'on demand' 7 litre Cinsa water heater which has had its day. I went to Green Home yesterday to see

the ECO-8 demonstration but their in store heater was not operating, which did'nt inspire much confidence.

Any comments about gas consumption, reliability, installation etc, very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Is this gas, or electric?   Can you post a link on it, or any other info?

Would recommend going with a Bosch or Kruger tankless unit, proven and reliable and both work automatically with solar now, so no valves needed in order to have seamless hot water, 24/7, with the minimum of gas use using solar as the primary.

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I have had solar hot water for three years. The system is larger than I would have installed for one person. About once a year when we hit a series of consequitive cloudy days I have had it dwindle down to luke warm water by the fourth day. If we get at least a couple of hours of sun during one of those days I am okay. When I moved into this house three years ago, it had two full cylinders of gas. I have yet to switch over to the second one. 

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Our experience was similar to Xena's.  Install a solar hot water heater larger than recommended for the size of your hosehold and it will have the capacity to hold more hot water, allowing for more cloudy days. We did that and our gas hot water heater was hardly ever used again.

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2 hours ago, Floradude said:

Friends who only have solar do not have hot water during cloudy periods like a few weeks ago.

As the others have mentioned, it is helpful to think about a solar water heater tank just like a rechargeable battery.      When fully charged up (heated) the thermal tank can store the hot water for several days without sun.     Any use, of course, takes away from this stored capacity as cold water enters the tank to replace the hot that is being used.

Unlike a larger car, larger fridge, etc that use more energy, a larger solar hot water system can actually save you $$ by providing more "free" hot water and having to use the backup much less / not at all, even during times w/o great sun conditions or when there is added consumption from visitors, houseguests, etc.      

Many people like the 90% fewer gas visits, even more than the 90% gas $avings.....!    ;-0

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