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Was reading about new Mexican laws on the internet today and noticed this new anti-meme law that could carry penalties of up to two years in jail for memes of cyberbullying nature. I never post memes which have insulting images on my Facebook, BUT I do think it is good to be informed of laws in the countries where we reside. 

'Anti-meme law' could see Mexicans jailed for posting insulting images:


What are your opinions?  Do you think the 'Anti Meme Law' is a good OR bad idea? 

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There are lots of really rough memes..  The poltical memes are good and I do not think they should be suppressed, the ones aimed at bullying people are bad but I do not like a law that may suppress satirical ´plotical  memes.

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It used to be a cultural thing. In today's world, it generally means an image that has some text placed on it, spread by FB, Instagram, and various online methods, that becomes popular and circulates widely.

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