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Changing your address when you move

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I sold my house and moved to a rental.  The owner chooses to keep electric and telephone on his name.

I suddenly needed a car when mine called it quits and when I went to register the car I bought I had to register it using my old address until I can change my address.

Today I started the process when I went to city hall in Chapala and got the certificate I needed to make the change not only for my  car registration but on all the other address changes I need to make.

I will need to change the car registration when I register it in 2019.  I need to change my voter registration now.  Today I changed my home address.  I do not know if I need to change my address  on my driver's license now or it can wait until this one expires and I need to renew it.

Does anyone know the answer to that and are there other places I need to change my address I have not thought of that must be done officially. remembering I cannot change my Telmex number or CFE.

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I've seen the office in Jocotepec. If you Google IFE (Instituto Federal Electoral) in Jocotepec it comes up right away. It is at Vincente Guerreo # 99. This is the old highway through Jocotepec. It one street west of Hidalgo (the street on the west side of the plaza). The CFE office in Jocotepec is on Vincente Guerreo at Hidalgo. So the IFE office is near one street west of Hidalgo (Independencia). Just continue on Vincente Guerreo one street past the large CFE office and it is on the left. Goggle shows a picture of the building.  

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