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5 hours ago, El Bizco said:

A man who studied Lake Chapala for many years once told me the last time water  flowed naturally out of the lake via the Rio Santiago was in the '70s. How close is the lake to doing that now?

(Note: he also told me there is a pumping station in the NE part of the lake that pumps water into the Rio Santiago for the farmers downstream from Lake Chapala. He said the volume of pumped water was about equivalent to what Guadalajara pumps out to its aqueduct. I'm not asking about this water, but the natural flow from the lake.)

Yes, the Lake has suffered in the hands of let's say "ambitious" promoters. In the 70's a Tapatio built a hydro electric dam, fueled by the Lake. His intention was to promote parts of Guadalajara as an industrial mecca with unlimited cheap power. Then the Lake flow dropped, and water had to be pumped - not economically feasible in those days. Then as mentioned on another thread, another developer wanted to wall the Lake, making it much, much smaller, in return for 50,000 hectares of reclaimed farm land. The citizens of Guadalajara were outraged, especially when they found they also wanted to divert water to Mexico City, for profit. I think the Presidente of Mexico at that time had to be called in to stop it.

Not that I am too much different. I don't know why they don't rebuild the duck population on the Lake. There used to be tens of thousands of ducks. The "sportsmen", with deep pockets would come to shoot them and local duck would be on the menu again. Poor old lady, always under attack. I read recently that just two generations of humans have wiped out over 5,000 species.

Here is the story - much better than I can write:

Lake Ducks and Geese

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