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Stay Connected - Looking for US programming streaming over WiFI (IPTV)


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Looking to stay always connected back home and with access to US and Worldwide TV programming?, we have a wealth of experience so we can accommodate your plans and needs with your channels of choice (IPTV), up to 8,000 channels, please reach out to me to alejandro.sepich@gmail.com and rodrigosepich@gmail.com or via whatsapp to +52 33 1553 0612 or +52 333 4967169 ... we are 40 minutes away from the Lakeside are if needed, but all of our services can be provided remotely ...


Thank you

Alejandro and Rodrigo Sanchez


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I just tried and was able to go to


I got the idea that they want us to respond so that they can provide you more information. Because the webpage just appeared to give a brief overview of what they offered.

Is it a good deal?  Heck, I don't know. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has used this service.


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2 hours ago, El Cartero said:

Don’t know why someone would think your post funny as it is the direction many are taking.    However when I tried your website got a message saying invalid.   Please check and repost.


I have been streaming succesfully with paid and non paid services for 5 years,so have many others.

Can be done with 5 download speed.

Theres free apps with ads, many services like the above without .i am paying appx 800 pesos for a year 1000 uk and usa main stream channels in sd  hd, and uhd quality. 5 mbps will give you sd, or sometimes 720hd for live tv.720 for movies without problems.

Some people just dont want to listen or learn.


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I too have been streaming for several years with about a 5 download speed. I use a Fire TV Stick and take it when I travel. I do notice that download speed effects the picture quality; not sure if the app or the Fire TV Stick is adjusting resolution; but I am certainly looking forward to the high speed of Ilox fiber optic. As far as picture quality the Shaw Direct HD channels are superior to streaming quality I have now but soon we will see if it download speed, the IPTV service I am currently using, or if I need to upgrade from the Fire TV stick to a device with a faster processor and more memory.

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Out1. I have been using various boxes with different processors and memory and a firestick.currently 3gb ram and 912 chip,previously 2gb ram 905 chip.

Theres not much difference video wise between them and firestick.maybe for games is a different matter.

I dont like firesticks because they are a bit "clunky " and have all the amazon publicity, they are a pia to side load apps,some apps just dont work,you need to download a mouse which sometimes works. an android box in my opinion is much better but as far as picture quality in sd and hd 720 i cant see any noticeable difference.

Buffering seems the same on all and is more dependent on download speed and the servers the suppliers use.

I stream bbc iplayer in 720 and rarely have a problem.

The new firestick out november will handle 4k and has a bit quicker processor so might be worth looking into when you get ilox.

If you are happy with firestick i would stay with it.

My iptv supplier offers most channels in sd,hd and uhd wether others offer this i dont know but dont pay over the odds.many options are available for around 10usd per month and always insist on a free trial .

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