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Please be specific about the 'inexperienced persons in charge'. It's not fair to generalize, judge, and publish it for so many to read. There are two other lady veterinarians at the Pet Place. They are both competent.

Saying something bad about a doctor in Mexico is a serious offense.

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Anita, I take it you are new "here". Perhaps you don't know that what luvsdawgs said is not a criminal offense and will never be taken to task by anyone outside this board. No names were mentioned, simply an awful experience. We use Private Messaging here if we want details; that keeps it out of the public eye.

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Look, I only guessed that you were new here, because both your avatar and your thoughts seemed that way. NO WAY was that an insult. I was trying to be helpful. But of course on this board, that doesn't count for much sometimes.

In what way is "Saying something bad about a doctor in Mexico is a serious offense" not meant to be interpreted as a legal interpretation? If not criminal or civil, then what exaclty is it: personally offensive? And if personally offensive, then why not say that, instead of trying to couch the phrase in such a dramatic way?

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