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On 10/28/2018 at 10:19 PM, kgreenbury said:

Thee health supplement store beside Superlake had bottles of Stevia - hopefully they still do as I'm running out again. I got the granular Monkfruit sweetener from Amazon U.S. & had it muled in.  Lakanto also has a golden/brown sweetener and a sugar-free maple syrup I'd love to get my mitts on...

Is Lakanto a store lakeside or an online store? If lakeside, where, please?

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On 10/23/2018 at 8:49 PM, Ellie said:

Just saw it at Pancho's new store.

Yes, found it there, along with a coconut version, which I bought.  Thanks again.

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5 hours ago, Arroyos said:

I saw it at Walmart Thursday or Friday.

I hope you grabbed it if you wanted it, since things at Walmart disappear so quickly, never to be seen again.

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