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Woodworking volunteers wanted Have Hammer Will Travel A. C. in Riberas


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Woodworking volunteers wanted to help the Mexican youth boys and girls learn life skills through woodworking.Help teach young kids how to use hand tools

older kids who are more experienced  use more advanced tools.   Woodworking volunteers can help in many ways , stop by the shop and see how you can fit in.

766 4830   Hildago 231    next to S&S auto   mountain side of carretera , four blue doors, 9:30 to 12:30 best time to come by.

volunteer hep needed also to help Rotary with local restoration  wood projects.

snow birds and sun birds welcome.  We also can learn  much form your skills you bring.

stop by and talk with our volunteers. LALO is the main instructor you will work with. He love the kids and been with us over 8 years.


we want to thank Richard Thompson  a wonderful dedicated volunteer at HHWT has just been elected commander of the American legion. and will be spending more time at the legion.

We also thank his wife Cindy for the many years saving HHWT . Richard always made sure we had inventory of nails, screws, wood, sandpaper, all the things the kids need to create there projects

They still volunteer, but we need  another two woodworking volunteer to  fill in Richards shoes.

stop by and have fun lighting the fire i a kids eyes giving confidence and like skills. You may be the only father image the kids has.


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Older more experienced student make headboard this week, younger the 10 made towel holder, Have Hammers pays for the wood for the students.

These are some of the projects the kids need volunteers to help them make.

see our web page to make a donation to help pay for the wood.



see donate page Foundation for Lake Chapala charities , then tag HAVE HAMMER WILL TRAVEL, make note for wood for kids


hhwt students head board.JPG

hhwt age 10 towel holder.JPG

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