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Ranch Dog Adoption Day this Saturday - 20 October

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Here is this weeks lineup - no little puppies this week, everyone on leash.

Alice is a 6 month old female whose owner surrendered her to the Ranch along with several other dogs including Andy. She looks like a German Shepherd mix, and we expect her to be on the larger side of medium.

Andy is a 5 years male whose owner surrendered him to the Ranch along with several other dogs including Alice. He is medium sized and looks like maybe a German Shepherd Spaniel mix.

Pitti Sing is not a pitbull, she was named for a character in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "The Mikado". She is a 1 year old looks-like Rottweiler mix who is on the larger side of medium.

Titan is an 11 month old male who looks like a dilute German Shepherd. His coat is light tan and blue-grey with white accents – very striking. He was born and raised in a schoolyard in Mezcala. He and his litter-mates were cared for by a kind teacher until school was out.

Martina is a 5 month old female who is brand new to the Ranch. No picture, no description yet, so your guess is as good as mine.

All our Ranch dogs are neutered, current on their 6 way shots and rabies. Puppies have had some shots and been wormed, but most are not yet altered. We will pay for altering when they are old enough. There is a 500 peso fee for adoption, and donations are gratefully accepted. For photos and pictures of our other dogs please see our Webpage:

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